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‘Create Your Own Fundraiser’ Success Stories!

Pie Face Challenge

“Pie Face” Challenge!!!

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“Help Us to Build a School and Orphanage in Liberia!” by taking part in the Facebook, “Pie Face” Challenge.
Nominate your family and friends! And then go to and donate!
It’s super easy and a real blast! And every dollar goes to help the orphans of Liberia to have hope for a better future.

Blankets Made By US School Children

“Wrapped Up in Love”

Local US school children, (or any organization dedicated to children’s giving), hand tie fleece blankets in varying patterns that are then packaged and shipped to orphans in Liberia. This can be used in area schools as a way to raise awareness and instill compassion in young children for those less fortunate.

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Kids ‘n Cookies

Mariel Wangsgard of the blog, Or So She Says, encouraged her little ones to get involved. The family went around the neighborhood selling cookies to raise money.  They had so much fun!  One woman donated $90, which they thought was incredibly nice… the biggest donation of the neighborhood.  The next day she came back and wanted to give another $100.  She didn’t even want to hear the story of the orphans, the minute she heard orphans, that’s all she needed to know.  She told the kids that if she heard anything more, she would cry.  Amazing story and we are so grateful for your help. What a bunch of “sweeties”!


“Designing for $$Dollars$$”

Jan Prenoveau, Founder and CEO of Hope for Fallen Leaves also has a passion for interior design. She has decided to incorporate her recent and all prospective design work to include donating 100% of all profits realized to the benefit of humanitarian aid efforts for Hope for Fallen Leaves!! See some of her work that has made this possible!


Fundraiser Held at Washington Montessori School

The Washington Montessori School HFFL’S Fundraiser was a huge success!! Thank you to all of the students who hand tied the fleece blankets to warm the orphans!! Also a special thank you to all the teachers, staff, and parents for making this such a great event! We were even asked to come back for a 2nd day!

The energy and enthusiasm that the kids displayed was contagious! All of us here at Hope for Fallen Leaves are so grateful to WMS for helping us to raise much needed funds and awareness that will be used for the benefit of so many little ones:)) Kudos to ALL of you and best wishes for a safe and fun-filled summer!


“Girls Giving Miles”

Some 8-10 year old girls from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are working on their “Faith in God” award.  They have been able to get involved in our “Create Your Own Fundraiser” program and have found a sponsor to give them $1 per mile ran or walked from October 17 – Thanksgiving!

The girls began by running one mile together and are continuing at home on their own.  They are keeping a log of all of their miles and on Thanksgiving will present the funds they’ve raised to Hope For Fallen Leaves!

You Go Girls!!!  Thank you for getting involved and we look forward to hearing about all of your experiences!


2012 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run

During the 2012 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, Hope For Fallen Leaves had 2 participants “racing” to raise funds for eligible parents to bring home an adopted child! Take a look at the photo gallery.

“6 Days, 120 Miles, 20,000 Feet to Gain”

“This August, 180 teams of two and 100 RUN3 solo runners will take on the Colorado Rockies for a trail running experience like no other. During the six days of the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run, runners from all over the world will run, eat and live together as they cover 120 miles of spectacular scenery, fully supported by a dedicated and professional Event Team who will look after all aspects of their food, accommodations and on-course support.”

“The GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run course runs from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of singletrack and forest road with nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.”  – GORE-TEX TransRockies Run

‘Strawberry and Denver Adventures and Secret Sweet Treats’

50% of the proceeds from these charming children’s books go straight to helping families with Hope For Fallen Leaves!!! This is an ongoing “create your own fundraiser” by founder Jan Prenoveau.

Order your collection at our store


In this charming four-volume series, two adorable miniature horses explore the natural world throughout the seasons. Each book highlights their fun-loving and family-oriented adventures.

Ideal for shared reading, and for learning about animals, plants, and baking. Promotes easy hands-on activities for classroom and home.

Spring at Summit Ridge Farm, Volume One
Summer at Summit Ridge Farm, Volume Two
Fall at Summit Ridge Farm, Volume Three
Winter at Summit Ridge Farm, Volume Four


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