Our Vision

To reach out and clasp that tiny hand of a hopeful child with a not so tiny dream.Hope, in a little one’s eyes, is our inspiration.Their future, is our motivation.We envision a life nurtured with love, stability and a promise of a better tomorrow for every child.

Our vision is to build a “first-of-its-kind” vocational school and dormitory facility to not only house the fifty-plus orphans, but also accommodate many other school aged children in Liberia.

History of the Vision

In January of 2014, the decision was made to embark upon a project that would provide quality sustainable housing for the fifty-two orphans at Borto Deseret International Orphanage.The orphans, ages three to seventeen have been receiving daily sustenance while living in a two room hut in Harrisburg, Liberia.To create an opportunity that would allow the orphans a greater chance of empowerment along with lifelong skills, Hope for Fallen Leaves embarked upon a project to design and build an educational and living facility for the orphans. This facility would also be open to all school aged children living in Monrovia and the surrounding areas.

This project would encompass the following:

Provide every student with a Montessori style education

  • Teach every child a vocation and/or how to start and run their own business while teaching self-sufficiency at a younger age.
  • Plant, grow and harvest crops for a local farmer’s market.
  • Prepare each child to graduate from high school with a promise to give one full year back to the school in helping to teach and mentor the younger students what they have learned.