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Angel Adoption Grants

Welcome to Hope For Fallen Leaves!

We are honored that you would allow us to become a part of your adoption journey. Hope For Fallen Leaves raises money to help financially stretched families adopt. We raise funds to build families… one adoption at a time. Funding priority will be given, but not limited to, families with the greatest financial need; families trying to keep siblings together; and families adopting special needs children.

*Hope For Fallen Leaves is an approved IRS Tax-Except Non-Profit.*

Who May Apply

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Hope for Fallen Leaves reserves the right to deny applications based on:
  • Adoption laws of the child’s place of birth.
  • Sources of adoption funds utilized by the adopting family.
  • Hope For Fallen Leaves current available funds.


  • Grants are awarded twice a year in April and October. Grant recipients will be notified by telephone and via US Mail.
  • What are the deadlines for grant applications?
    Applications for April grants must be POSTMARKED by March 15.
    Applications for October grants are must be POSTMARKED by September 15.
  • Your application and all supporting documents must be mailed in at one time in one packet, no items may be faxed or sent in separately.
  • Your application is complete once Hope For Fallen Leaves has received the application and all supporting documents. Your application date is the day all required information has been received by Hope For Fallen Leaves.
  • You will receive confirmation of receipt within two weeks of receiving your application.
  • Processing the application takes a minimum of 45 days after the application deadline.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the Angel Adoption Grants Program you must be in the adoption process through Forever Bound Adoption agency.  Applications can be requested through your caseworker at Forever Bound Adoption and your application is then reviewed by our Secure Landing Grant Review Committee.

Upon request for the Grant Application you will receive:
  • Instructions
  • Application
  • Forms

Notification Of Decision

  • Processing applications takes a minimum of 45 days after the application deadline.
  • You will receive notification of the outcome of your application by mail.
  • Due to limited funding, we regret that we are not always able to provide assistance to every qualified family. Therefore, we encourage you to seek additional sources of funding assistance.

If Your Grant Application Is Declined

  • You will be given the reason(s) why in writing.
  • Because we receive more applications than we can fund, it is not uncommon for the reason to be that we do not have enough funds to award every grant that meets our funding criteria.
  • Your application fee entitles you to have your application presented for a decision a second time as long as the adoption is not yet finalized and there remains an outstanding balance due towards the adoption expenses.